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Do you need answers to questions that are best answered by a mother? I have posted answers to many of life's questions, and I am willing to act as an "adopted mom" to answer your questions. Hearing answers from several different people can sometimes help you to make the best choices. I encourage you to think positive. I originally thought of the idea for this web site when I realized that many people were always turning to me for my advice and respected my opinions. You must realize that all answers that I post on this site are my own opinions. Be thankful that in this country we can express our own opinions without fear of reprisal. And just like your own mother's advice, some of things that I say may be hard to take. You may have to come back and read the same thing several times before you will accept and understand that what I am saying is hopefully good advice and advice that you should accept.

I strongly encourage the reader to do their own research and verify the facts before making serious decisions. I point out on this site that everyone is ultimately responsible for all choices that they make. Send your questions to Mom. I will send you my answer, and will request your approval before I post any of my answers to your personal questions on this web site. I will NEVER mention your name on this web site. Please note: I may not see your question to me if you do not have "HI MOM" at the beginning of the subject line. Spam email has become so bad that I get over 300 spam messages a day and I do look for "HI MOM" in the subject line and if it not there the message is deleted without being read. I encourage you to share this site's URL with all of your friends.

How do you deal with a workaholic? I am a workaholic myself, and I know quite a few workaholics. You need to love us and respect how we think and work. If you think you can work just 40 hours a week and get ahead, you had better think again. Most of the successful self-employed will think nothing of working over 80 hours a week to support their own business. The workaholic will think nothing of doing the same for almost any lucky company that employs them. When a workaholic has a day off from work, they will have a list of things that they must accomplish on their day off and they will work on that list with almost the same work attitude until everything on that list is done to their satisfaction.

Working over 80 hours a week is necessary at times, but should not occur EVERY week. A workaholic will lose track of time and will forget to come home until you have called them and reminded them how late they are working. A workaholic will have a list on paper or in their head of things that they wish to accomplish before they will consider leaving for the day. If they have not finished that list of items, they will continue working on them until they are satisfied. You can not easily change their mind and do not ever make them feel guilty about the number of hours that they work.

IF the workaholic has a problem, they will sometimes get absorbed in the problem excluding all else until the problem is solved, no matter how many hours that it requires. A workaholic may also get so tired that they will make mistakes that they have to correct the next day. A workaholic will make choices, and a few mistakes will be made, but the successful person will learn from their mistakes and not continue to repeat them. Here is a book that may help to understand the workaholic.

The First Days of School : How to Be an Effective Teacher
by Harry K. Wong, Rosemary Tripi Wong

This book is intended to help the teacher become a more effective teacher, and you have all met at least one teacher that needs to read this book. Now if they can comprehend and learn anything from it will be another story.


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